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Remote Birthday and More

Hyrum turned 5. I can't believe our little boy is not so little anymore. He's grown in so many ways. We love our little sweetheart and had fun celebrating him on his birthday this year. It was a fun special treat to have his cousins here with him during the day as well.

He got to pick the breakfast, which he went with donuts, a classic selection for special festivities.

He got his very own helicopter for his birthday. He was ecstatic.

We spent some quality time in the morning playing with remote controlled things in the front yard.

His whole birthday was centered around his love for robots and remote controlled creations.

The sweet joys of childhood.

Sage loves playing Play-doh. There are many instances where that is the only way we can pull her out of a horrible tantrum. I love to watch this little girl play with simple things, ordinary objects to everyone else but to her they are priceless treasures.

Ainsley is quite the little artist. She has been interested from a very yo…

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