Just Chillin'

Ainsley had the brilliant idea to put one of her nightgowns on Sniffy one morning. It was super funny (A) seeing Sniffy in a nightgown and

(B) Seeing how uncomfortable he felt about being in a nightgown or human clothes. He is a very patient dog with our rambunctious lot.

These two spend a lot of time together. Although the snow is basically gone now in our neck of the woods, our two littlest littles made some fun memories running around in the snow.

Sage was even willing to be called Miss Blueberry by her brother to play in the snow in her warm hand-me-down snowsuit. I love little kids in their snowsuits!

Ainsley every once-in-a-while has this inkling to be like Lindsey Stirling and will pull out the violin and give her siblings a show.

It's gotten to the point that Hyrum will pull out my guitar and join in.

And Sage gets Mommy's ukulele, or "Baby Music" as she calls the instrument.

One night I got home from work and all the lights were off. There was loud music playing though from the kitchen. What was going on? This is what I found when I got upstairs.

Mommy had set up the disco ball and was shining a light on it so the kids could have a disco party. They were having so much fun but struggling not to touch the disco ball.

Sometimes little tiger and I do kung fu demonstrations in the library for the other kids. We love our ninja headbands.

Whenever the two are spending time together (which is a lot), Hyrum and Sage always have a good time (unless they're yelling at each other or Sage is trying to hit or bite her big brother).

It's fun to see them spend so much time together and play together. I know these days are numbered of having small kids in the home all day, finding adventures to go on together. I sure love to watch them transpire though.


  1. So cute Nate and Aubrey! Love these pictures!! ❤️

  2. You're right Nate and Aubrey, these days go so fast. I love these sweet kids!


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